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From Monday 25th to Friday 29th March BISP will celebrate Performing Arts/World Theatre Week. The week will be filled with performances, workshops, and other activities that celebrate the art of theatre and music. The BISP community will have the opportunity to explore different art forms and gain a better understanding of the importance of performing arts.

World Theatre Week 2The week’s events include:

  • Monday 25th March, 4:15 pm  – IG and IB Performing Arts Soiree:
    • Auditorium: IG and IB Music performances
    • Drama studio: IG and IB student-created group work 
  • Tuesday 26th March, 5:00 pm in the Auditorium: A Musical Night at the Movies:
    • Performances featuring Primary and Secondary Groups, Bands and Ensembles
  • Wednesday 27th March, 6:30 pm at the BISP Outdoor Amphitheatre:
    • Scenes from Romeo and Juliet
    • A student-directed performance
  • Thursday 28th March, 3:30 pm, Drama studio:
    • An Evening of IG and IB Drama Solo Work
    • Performances featuring Y10, Y12 and Y13 work

There will also be pop-up lunchtime drama and music performances throughout the

Week. All events are free, and no tickets are required.

For more information contact [email protected], we look forward to seeing you there.