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From February 1st to 4th, 2024, Thanyapura in Phuket witnessed the spirited participation of BISP Sea Eagles swimmers in the FOBISIA Swimming Invitational 2024. Over 40 teams from Southeast Asia, representing at least 10 countries, gathered for the event, boasting a line-up of 1200 athletes. The BISP Sea Eagles swimmers put up a solid performance during the three-day competition, with each team member chipping in to secure a notable overall point total.

Team Ranking 1

Coach Charlie expressed pride in the team’s accomplishments, emphasising their collective effort. He shared that he was pleased with the team’s dedication, and was surprised at their substantial victory margin which he credits to the hard work and commitment of the BISP Sea Eagles swimmers. Their efforts paid off as they clinched the top spot in points, earning them the top spot in the tournament and marking a significant achievement for the BISP Swimming programme.

This victory not only highlights the skill of individual swimmers but also underscores the strength of the BISP Sea Eagles Swimming programme as a whole. The athletes proudly represented our school by carrying the BISP flag high, symbolising the values of teamwork and passion.

Against the lush backdrop of Thanyapura, the BISP Sea Eagles swimmers celebrated their victory, recognizing the significance of their achievements at the FOBISIA Swimming Invitational 2024. This event stands as a memorable chapter in BISP sports academies, showcasing the commitment and success of its talented swimmers. We look forward to seeing them soar once more at the upcoming BISP Sea Eagles Invitational on the 8th and 9th of March 2024.

Photos courtesy of Remembrant