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As part of the student enrichment programme in Term 3, the British International School, Phuket (BISP) welcomed artist-in-residence Nathanon Khanijow, also known as JahFlame within the creative community. 

Nathanon, an alumnus of BISP, brings diverse artistic talents to his work, encompassing painting, drawing, sculpture, print media and digital art, including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). His unique style weaves together these various mediums, offering a fresh and distinctive perspective on the intertwining nature of identity and consciousness.

Throughout his week-long residency at BISP, Nathanon collaborated with the school’s Year 8 students, guiding them in the creation of a magnificent “Under the Sea” themed mural that showcases his quirky artistic style while shining a light on the student’s creative expression. This collaborative endeavour not only fostered a sense of teamwork but also provided students with a tangible achievement that the entire school community will cherish for years to come. Nathanon also worked closely with the school’s early years team as they designed and brought to life a mural at the entrance to their pod. Through this experience, Nathanon was able to ignite the spark of creativity in the youngest members of the school community.

Nathanon’s residency served as a source of inspiration and instilled a sense of confidence in the student’s creative abilities. As an alumnus of BISP, his infectious enthusiasm and dedication showcased art as a career path, motivating students to consider their own artistic pursuits as a means of self-expression and personal fulfilment.

The BISP Art Department and the wider community are immensely grateful to Nathanon, for his valuable contributions and the lasting impact he has made on the students and staff. To learn more about Nathanon Khanijow, please visit

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