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The BISP Arts Awards celebrate the creativity of the amazing Art, Drama and Music students we have here at BISP. In the 2022/23 Academic year, Art, Drama and Music have been flourishing. Students and teachers alike have particularly relished the opportunities to connect with others, present impressive student works to audiences both within and beyond our school, and invite audiences to see our creations live. This year students have had opportunities to work with excellent international artists, collaborate with peers and make new friends.  

Our BISP musicians attended the Bangkok Choral and Band Festivals, worked with the eminent musicians of the Desford Colliery Band from the UK, and collaborated with peers from St Joseph’s Institution International School from Singapore.

Similarly, in Drama, students have worked with the Paper Birds Company, honed their skills at the Shakespeare Festival with Darren Royston and several schools from Phuket, and had opportunities to showcase their work in the Year 9 drop-down Drama Day.  In addition, there have been wonderful opportunities to showcase student talent in Shrek the Musical, the KS1 show Lights Camel Action, The Merchant of Venice, Musical Theatre Mayhem, Selections from Oliver with KS2 and soon Fantastic Mr. Fox. 

In Visual Art, our students have collaborated with three artists in residence who specialise in the fields of Printmaking, Pottery, and Mural Painting. This year, the Art team were excited to return to their annual trip to visit amazing galleries in Bangkok. Throughout the year, the Art Department has curated multiple displays and exhibitions, showcasing the remarkable talents of our students. Among these events, the highlight was undoubtedly the Y13 IB Visual Arts exhibition, which featured the largest cohort of exhibiting artists to date.

We are proud of the accomplishments and growth showcased by our talented students. As we reflect on these achievements, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who have provided support and appreciation of the arts.

In the upcoming week, we will proudly present the BISP Arts Award recipients for the  2022/23 academic year, stay tuned.