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We are proud to present the BISP Arts Award Drama Department recipients for the 2022/23 academic year:

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 05Most Improved Performer: Kai

We take great pleasure in recognising the huge improvements made by Kai Galley. When he entered the Drama Studio, as an earnest young performer, little did we know he would flourish into the confident and entertaining actor who is here today. His characterisation is on-point and consistent within performances… We will never forget his exceptional performance as Ms. Trunchbull. Well done, Kai.

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 06

Comedy Performer: Eileen

Performing as The Dwarf in Shrek, the Prince of Morocco in The Merchant of Venice and Boggis in Fantastic Mr Fox, this award goes to someone with perfect comedic timing and a witty sense of humour both on and off stage. Eileen consistently turns up to every rehearsal, is always the first to have learnt her lines and performs all roles to a high standard. Well done! 

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 07
Devising Drama: Kiril

This award goes to lovely Kirill, a mature and sensitive member of the group who gives the most detailed and deliberate feedback to his peers! Kirill has devised some superb pieces of Drama this year, collaborating with his friends to produce original and creative performances. A natural dramatist, well done!


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 08
Creative Thinker: Oscar

A student who most definitely deserves this award is Oscar. Consistently devising Drama which challenges, engages and pushes boundaries, Oscar’s creativity inspires others. Oscar has been an exceptional member of the class this year, and shows a flair in devising and creating, as well as performing. Well done!


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 09
Dedication to Drama: Pattanasit 

This award goes to a student who has consistently exceeded expectations in all aspects of their involvement in the field of drama. Whether it be directing, planning, or performing, his unwavering dedication and unmatched passion for the subject have never gone unnoticed. Congratulations to Mammoth, your commitment to excellence throughout the year has set you apart as a highly enthusiastic and creative force in the realm of drama. 

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 10
LAMDA Award: Zhanna

This award goes to the person who achieved the highest score in year 12 in this year’s LAMDA exam, despite not taking IB Theatre. Creating PowerPoint and scheduling extra rehearsals and meetings, her dedication and determination throughout the process were impressive. All this makes her deserving of the high distinction that she achieved. Congratulations Zhanna! 

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 04Primary Most Improved: Christian

This award is for a student who has made a conscious effort to improve in every aspect of drama. He is a thoughtful student who always makes valuable contributions to lessons.  He approaches tasks with enthusiasm and maturity. This year, he has shown hard work and commitment which is why this student has become one of the most improved performers in the class.

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 03Creative Character & Movement Award: Eloise

This student is a drama enthusiast who is highly motivated, enthusiastic, and energetic. It is clear that she has a natural talent for drama. What sets this drama student apart is her unique ability to bring a performance to life. Her talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed, and we are sure she will continue to bring many great performances to the stage in the future. Well done Ellie!

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 11
Primary Gold Award Drama: Noah

This award goes to a student who has consistently shown impeccable behaviour and listening skills. He has displayed unmatched dedication and enthusiasm in every lesson and has been an absolute pleasure to teach. He has been an asset to the class and has acted as a great role model for his peers. We proudly present this award to Noah and hope he will continue to be an inspiration to others. Well done!

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 12
Secondary Gold Award Drama: Charlotte

Charlotte is an outstanding member of the Drama Department and is dedicated to her craft. As a student of IGCSE Drama and now IB Theatre, her talent, boundless energy, ideas and creativity make her a worthy winner of the Drama Gold Award. She excels in all aspects of Drama and the Arts and we look forward to the free theatre tickets when she’s starring on Broadway!! Well done Charlotte for being absolutely fabulous!!

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 13Staff Contribution to Drama: Mr Wheatley

This award is to thank a teacher for their dedication to Drama over the years, for being a true ‘theatre thespian’ and for throwing himself into any role, in any costume, the sillier the better! The BISP Drama Department says that he is a joy to work alongside and thinks he is working in the wrong department!! Thank you Mr Paul Wheatley for making us laugh, for your amazing dramatic acting performances and the role of the best director!!! You are one in a million!!!