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As a school, we take pride in nurturing not only the academic growth but also the holistic development of our students. Beyond our vast 44-acre campus and the classroom walls of BISP, our students are embarking on remarkable journeys of personal achievement and self-discovery. 

This first edition of “Beyond BISP” highlights the extraordinary accomplishments of our students in races, recitals, competitions and various other extracurricular activities which they pursue outside of the school setting. These endeavours not only showcase their talents but also exemplify the resilience, passion and commitment instilled during their time at BISP. 

Join us as we share student accomplishments and celebrate the inspiring stories of our students who go above and beyond, making a mark beyond the familiar grounds of the BISP campus.

Thananon Awarded Diamond Crown Award in Music and Art

Screenshot 2024 02 06 at 1.46.30 PMThe Fourth Annual Award Diamond Award Ceremony – 2024 was held on Sunday, February 4, 2024, at the Teachers Council Auditorium, Ministry of Education. This award ceremony was organised on the occasion of the celebration of Teacher’s Day and National Children’s Day 2024. The event aimed to recognise and commend teachers for fostering the growth of exemplary national role models. We are pleased to announce that Thananon, a Year 5 BISP student, has been awarded the Diamond Crown Award in the category of Exemplary Model in Cultivating a Stellar Reputation in Music and Art for the Nation.

The 4th edition of the Diamond Rattanachat Praise Award Project in 2024 is dedicated to recognising and commending teachers. It aims to foster the development of exceptional national role models, contributing to the growth of children, beginners, youth, and students across diverse fields. This project includes honouring announcements for teachers, monks, Dhamma instructors, government officials, and the public who exhibit knowledge, expertise, outstanding performance, moral integrity, and professional passion, and engage in commendable activities. These individuals serve as exemplary models of goodness and success, deserving praise as positive examples.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Thananon for being awarded the prestigious Diamond Crown Award. This is a remarkable accomplishment, and we are incredibly proud of Thananon for his outstanding achievement. This award is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and talent as well as those who have supported in nurturing and igniting his passion. We believe that this recognition will inspire him to continue pursuing his passion and serve as a motivation for other students to strive towards excellence in their chosen fields.

BISP Students Run 24 Hours  for a Cause

A team consisting of 8 BISP students from Year 12 and 13 (Anton, Aurele, Liam, Ryder, Ember, Chiara, Ambre, Naomi)  completed the recent  24 Hour Race at Thanyapura. The students under the team name Fast and Furious raised ฿16,850 of their ฿8,000 goal and also finished in second place as a team after completing 375 laps. They managed to raise the full amount with the help of donations from 17 sponsors. The money will be used to help rebuild a child advocacy centre in Pattaya, Thailand. The team was very pleased with the outcome. 

The 24 Hour Race is the largest student-run global movement to end modern-day slavery. Students volunteer to organise or run races in cities across the globe, developing life-changing leadership experiences and skills. You can learn more about the 24-Hour Race and its strategic partnership with A21 HERE.

BISP Students Spread Joy on Children’s Day

On Thailand’s Children’s Day, celebrated on Saturday 13th January, BISP students Xixi and Dylan, along with their family, generously donated hundreds of school bags to the Ban Thungka School. The heartfelt act captured in these photos reflects the true spirit of giving and the celebration of Children’s Day while making a difference in the lives of local students!

BISP Student Chiara Selected for Pho3nix Future Camp 2023

BISP student Chiara was selected as one of the 20 future athletes in South East Asia for the Pho3nix Future Camp 2023 in Phuket. The week-long camp focused on comprehensive athlete development, blending intense workouts with Ironman Belinda Granger, nutritional sessions, and interactions with figures like Olympic swimmer Cody Simpson. Chiara expressed excitement for the lessons learned, extending beyond sports and benefiting her PE IGCSE studies. The camp concluded with Chiara participating in the Laguna Phuket Triathlon, where she showcased her newfound skills, finishing as the third-fastest female overall.

BISP Shines in Spartan Race and Oceanman

In Term 1, several dedicated members of the BISP community showcased their resilience at the Spartan Race hosted at BlueTree on November 25. Among the standout performances, BISP Year 9 student Aurele clinched the Silver medal, Year 8 student Reilly Barber secured the Bronze, and Clayton, also in Year 8, claimed an impressive 4th place in the fiercely competitive boys’ race for ages 12–14. In a remarkable display, Year 6 student AP seized the top spot, while Year 4 student Zainen showcased grit with a commendable 6th place. BISP Teacher Alex Wilson demonstrated outstanding athleticism, finishing 4th in his respective age group.

Additionally, in the Ocean Man World Final Championship 2023, BISP students Maria and Anton, both in Year 8, dominated the U13 category, securing 1st place.

Congratulations to all our BISP community members for their extraordinary achievements, embodying the spirit of challenge and accomplishment in these remarkable races.