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International Day 2024 1BISP is known for its diverse international body of students, parents and teachers and on Friday 1st March 2023, we will celebrate International Day. Join us as we come together to celebrate the diversity and cultural richness that makes BISP such a unique and special community. 

From 08:15 am to 10:40 am, our International Day celebrations will showcase the talents and traditions of our students, parents and teachers from all around the world, from traditional dances and music performances to delicious international cuisine and cultural arts. 

Request for Parent Involvement

As we prepare for International Day on Friday 1st March, we already have 14 countries who have volunteered to share their national food with the BISP community and have begun to sign up for performances. 

Current Stalls by Nationality

American, Australian, Belarusian, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Canadian, Chinese, Filipino, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Philippines, Russian, Thai and UK

We welcome more parents from each country to help and bring national dishes for the community to sample. If you would like to get in contact with the coordinator of your country listed above or if your country is not listed above and you would like to contribute, please fill out the Food for BISP International Day EOI and our events team will assist. 

Performances for International Day 

Additionally, another exciting part of International Day is the celebration of culture through performance, music and dance. Our Performing Arts department will be coordinating the performances. If a group from your country or region would like to perform please use the following Performances Form to register your performance and be included in the programme. Please note the deadline to register your performance is Friday 9th February,  at 3:00 PM.

For more information regarding International Day please contact [email protected]