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We are proud to present the BISP Arts Award Visual Art Department recipients for the 2022/23 academic year:

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 263D Award: Seojin

This student really took to the pottery wheel while being inspired by Khun Jirawong, our Artist in Residence. She worked hard to create some interesting and intricately detailed pieces related to her theme.  Congratulations Jean!



ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 272D Award: Elina

With a remarkable ability to work with precision, this student consistently produces outstanding artwork. Her dedication to working in her own time shows her commitment to personal growth. It is inspiring to witness such talent within our school community. Congratulations Elina


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 28Drawing Award: Punyawee

The winner of this award has worked hard throughout the year to create her Art Science Project entry. Her coloured pencil drawing of a squirrel was beautifully rendered, with great attention to detail. The whole composition showcases her talent.  Congratulations Beam!


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 29Creative Thinker Award: Jack

The winner of this award is a creative thinker who sets new challenges for themselves. They have grown in confidence and consistently develop their artwork with their unique ideas, making each piece original. Congratulations Jack! 


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 30Commitment to Art for Service Award: Daisy

This dedicated student has actively collaborated with everyone in the group to help raise funds and awareness for the local animal welfare organisations we have supported this year. She enjoys a creative challenge, thoroughly plans her work, and completes it to a high standard. Congratulations Daisy!


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 31Commitment to Afterschool Programme: Yuanyuan

This dedicated student has been an active participant in our after-school program throughout every term, consistently attending two activities per week. With a passion for sketching and digital art, she has also nurtured her artistic talent in other areas such as painting, pottery, and printmaking. Her progress is reflected in her excellent work. Congratulations Yuanyuan


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 32Primary Gold Award Art: Kavisara and Ulyana

This award recognises consistent effort and talent in the subject. The winners of this award take part in competitions, and extracurricular activities and give their best effort in each art lesson. Congratulations Ulyana and Kristy!



ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 33Primary Most Improved Award Art: Thananon

This student is highly creative and brimming with enthusiasm for the subject. His abstracted seascape in mixed media was a great success thanks to his consistent and inspired effort. Congratulations Ocean!



ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 34Secondary Gold Award Art: Nina

This student is brimming with creative ideas. During the Bangkok art trip, it was inspiring to see her mind at work, constantly shaping and refining her next big idea. She wholeheartedly embraces every opportunity that comes her way, actively participating in our service and Artist in Residence programs. She is an exemplary role model for our young artists. Congratulations Ninka


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 35Secondary Most Improved Award Art: Ruby

This student has worked with dedication to develop her ideas independently and isn’t afraid to try new things. She has grown in confidence and is producing some brave, bold pieces. We look forward to seeing the rest of her creative journey. Congratulations Ruby!


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 36Asia Center Foundation Award: Boonyisa

The Asia Center Foundation is a school that provides care and education for disadvantaged children. Each week our CAS students support an Art lesson with them at our school BISP. The award winner is a great little artist. Congratulations Boonyisa!