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We are proud to present the BISP Arts Award Music Department recipients for the 2022/23 academic year:

Rising Star Primary: Hetong      ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 15

​​The award for Primary Rising Star this year goes to a very deserving young musician. Hugely talented and dedicated, this student has shown, through his outstanding practical skills, that he is most certainly a musical star in the making. Congratulations Hector!


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 18
Rising Star Secondary: Siera

The award for Secondary Rising Star this year goes to a student who is committed to her craft, humble, and incredibly kind and caring towards others.  She has developed her performance skills throughout the year and shows great leadership with her peers.  Congratulations and very well deserved Siera!


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 20
Creativity Award for Composition: Jaqueree

The award for Creativity in Composition this year goes to a student who shows total aural awareness, attention to detail and musical sensitivity when it comes to composing. His work is without doubt, both skilful and masterful. Congratulations Jackie!


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 23
Crescendo Award for Most Improved: Yawen

In Music, we are fortunate to work with many talented students, however, this student shows great focus and determination.  Through her hard work and focus, particularly in Concert Band, we have seen a remarkable improvement in her skills.  In addition, her incredible resilience ensures that she works her way through any difficulties. It is our great pleasure to award the Crescendo Award for the Most Improved Musician to Yawen.

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 21
Commitment to Extra-curricular Music: Sirinrasmi

Sirinrasmi is one of our quiet achievers in Music.  She is currently a member of the Secondary Singers, participates in productions and is a regular member of the Concert Band.  She always gives one hundred percent effort in rehearsals and performances and it has been great to see her growing in confidence and skill this year. Congratulations Sirinrasmi!


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 24
Practice Makes Perfect Award: Egor

On any given day if you were to visit the Music practice rooms you would find Egor practising the piano.  He is a “regular” around the Music rooms and this commitment to furthering his skills is commendable. As we all know practice makes perfect, so congratulations Egor for your dedication and commitment to improving every day!


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 16
Primary Exceptional Effort Award in Music: Pyae Phone

The award for Exceptional Effort in Music this year goes to a student whose quiet and considered approach in lessons, together with his utter determination to succeed and never give up, no matter how difficult the challenge, makes him a very deserving winner of the Exceptional Effort Award. Congratulations Trace!


ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 17
Primary Enthusiastic Musician Award: Anna

Anna has been awarded the enthusiastic music award because of her consistent dedication to music lessons and extracurricular activities. We have always been impressed by this music student’s passion, which has been evident in every practice session and performance. She has displayed a level of dedication that is truly admirable. It’s clear that her enthusiasm and excitement for music can be seen and felt whenever she performs.

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 19
Secondary Exceptional Effort Award in Music: Tobias  

Toby has been awarded the Exceptional Effort Award for Music.  His commitment and effort both within the Music classroom and in his extracurricular musical activities have been outstanding throughout the year.  His good nature ensures that he supports and helps other students while ensuring he is performing to the best of his ability. His many performances in numerous settings throughout the year are a testament to this ongoing dedication.

ARTS AWARDS 2022 23 Page 22
Secondary Enthusiastic Musician Award: Pattanasit

Mammoth’s infectious enthusiasm is one of the things that you will first notice when you see him rehearsing or performing.  He is a reliable member of several musical ensembles and is the biggest cheerleader for our performances around the school and beyond.  Whether he’s the Gingerbread Man in Shrek, singing in Secondary Singers, or performing as part of the Concert Band, you can be sure that he’ll be there with a smile and a ton of energy!