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We are proud to present the outstanding performance BISP Sports Award recipients for the 2022/23 academic year:

614A5885BISP Outstanding Achievement Award 2022/23 – Lauren

Lauren’s work ethic and commitment gave her the opportunity to be the first player from the Cruzeiro Academy to represent Malaysia National Womens Team in an official tournament. Fighting against injuries, she has overcome all difficulties to succeed at the highest Senior Level.



614A5973Sports Performance Award 2022/23 – Jaidee

Jaidee has made remarkable progress during his time at BISP. Throughout the year he has set several new school records, PISAC records and Sea Eagle invite records. His achievements culminated with 3 medals at the Thailand age group national championships. In addition to these achievements, he has qualified to represent Thailand at the SEA age group championships.


614A5937Sports Performance Award 2022/23 – Pao

Starting last year at the BISP Academy this young man has settled in well with the squad.  He worked hard and his mindset is good which allows him to pursue his goals. His attitude on and off the court is always great. This year Pao has become a national player and qualified for the Davis Cup U16 Junior team for Thailand in Spain.