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We are proud to present the BISP Sports Award recipients for the 2022/23 academic year for each respective sports academy:

614A5932Aerial Arts Award 2022/23 – Matteo

Matteo is a physically strong and talented aerialist. This coupled with a high degree of self-motivation, results in an inspiring aerialist and athlete. He continues to demonstrate great leadership in the aerial programme.


614A5924BISP Girls Basketball Award 2022/23 –  Praemai

Praemai truly has a passion for the game of basketball. She has been undeterred by the lack of competition over the past few years and has worked hard to continue to develop her skills and knowledge of the game. She is developing as a leader for younger players and I am excited to see her further develop in this area next year.


614A5919BISP Boys Basketball Award 2022/23 – Theprit

Theprit has an undeniable love of the game. He has kept his team involved over the course of the last few years.  Whilst honing his leadership skills, Theprit’s progress as a player this season has been extremely impressive. 


614A5874BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy Award 2022/23 – Maria

Maria is a very talented football player, who brought the best of the Brazilian style to our girl’s programme. Using all her creativity and skills, Maria has led the team to several trophies during her period at BISP, inspiring all around her, and especially the next generation.


614A5880BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy Award 2022/23 – Finlay

The recipient of this award has made a memorable impact at BISP, quickly revealing his remarkable talents and exceptional character both on and off the pitch. As the captain of the senior boys, Finlay has led the team to numerous victories at tournaments this year. He is a highly competitive footballer who displays great energy on the pitch and truly represents the spirit of our football programme.


614A5961BISP Tennis Academy Award 2022/23  – Leah

Leah has shown a real hunger and desire to improve her game with an open mind to change.  She always turns up to training with the right attitude and gives 100% every time.  She is a popular player in the High-Performance Team.  Leah is growing her skills all the time and has made huge improvements since joining BISP.


614A5945BISP Tennis Academy Award 2022/23 – Puthi

Puthi has been a highly-rated player for a few years but has taken his skills to the next level since joining BISP.  He has settled into the BISP and tennis training way of life very easily.  With his great attitude and hard work he has improved to become a top-ranked player.  Puthi rarely misses a training session and this hard work is paying off with results.  The ‘sky is the limit’ if he maintains his focus and commitment.

21BISP Golf Academy Award 2022/23 – Louise

Louise is achieving amazing things in the world of Golf. At just 14 years, 2 months and 19 days, she won the Terre Blanche Ladies Open, becoming the youngest amateur golfer to win a ladies’ professional golf tournament. This achievement has placed Louise in the top 100 world amateur golf ranking, currently ranked 93rd.  To achieve a ranking this high for a young golfer is unprecedented and a credit to Louise’s hard work and positive attitude.  We expect bright things to come.

image 6483441 4BISP Golf Academy Award 2022/23  – Namo

Namo has had a fantastic career at BISP. As someone who is always humble and quiet, this unassuming young student has been climbing the leaderboards over the past year.  Most recent victories reflect Namo’s hard work, dedication, and talent. Her victory in the Amateur category is a testament to the rising talent in Thai golf and bodes well for the future of the sport.


13 5 22 Duana Lama 9993BISP Sea Eagles Swimming Performance Award 2022/23 – Duana

Duana has grown as a swimmer throughout her time at BISP.  She has set several national records for her home country, along with winning multiple national titles. Duana is currently slated to represent Nepal at the 2023 World Championships.


614A5957BISP Sea Eagle Swimming Award 2022/23 – Chuan

Chuan has demonstrated an exemplary work ethic while at the same time keeping a very positive attitude. Chuan has displayed leadership characteristics that are an inspiration to his teammates. These characteristics along with his determination have made Chuan one of the top Malaysian age group swimmers.