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Screen Shot 2023 03 06 at 1.56.16 PMBISP students from 8 years and older, who wish to take part in events and tournaments around the world, can now easily be matched in the correct category or be seeded in a draw. This is possible as BISP has adopted the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) in which players can be accurately ranked. 

To kick off the partnership, BISP will host the first UTR Tennis tournament on Saturday 18th March from 2:30 to 6:00 PM for players aged 8 to 11 years. 

For more details on the partnership see the poster or contact Coach Gill Lemore via [email protected]

To learn more about UTR read below or visit

What is UTR Universal Tennis Rating

The Universal Tennis Rating is a global tennis player rating system intended to produce an objective, consistent, and accurate index of players’ skill in the game of tennis. UTR rates all players on a single 16-point scale, without regard to age, gender, nationality or locale of a given match.

Why we use UTR in BISP

UTR is used worldwide. It will help our players in their applications to University and also make it easier to achieve rankings for the international tournament.

How is UTR Rating Calculated?

  • UTR is calculated by an algorithm using a player’s last 30 eligible match scores from the last 12 months.
  • For each eligible match, the algorithm calculates a match rating and a match weight; a player’s UTR Rating is the weighted average of all the match ratings.

UTR Rating

Every single player in the world has a UTR Rating, which is a number between 1 – 16.5 that measures your tennis skill level. A player’s UTR Rating is a dynamic rating that can go up or down over time based on player performance. There’s a place for everyone in Universal Tennis, whether you’re a beginner picking up a racquet for the first time, or you’re as advanced as Roger and Serena!