BISP Cruzeiro Cup 2022 is a mini-tournament with three visiting under-11 (U11) boys Club Teams who joined the BISP U11 school team on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June. The four U11 teams played a series of 8 matches from 8:30 to 11:30am on the BISP football Pitches 7 and 8. 

The teams represented in the BISP Cruzeiro Cup 2022 tournament were:

  • BISP Cruzeiro Academy
  • Samui United-1
  • Samui United-2
  • MDen Minners

Over the course of two days the games played and subsequent results were as follows:

Saturday 18/06:

BISP Cruzeiro 3 | 2 Samui United 1 

Samui United-2 0 | 5 MDen Minners 


BISP Cruzeiro 8 | 0 Samui United-2

MDen Minners 5 | 1 Samui United-1 


Sunday 19/06:

3rd Place Match: 

Samui United-1  4 | 3  Samui United-2


Final Match: 

BISP Cruzeiro 0 | 5 MDen Minners

The BISP Cruzeiro team took  second place  in the tournament while MDen Minners emerged the winners of the tournament, and Samui United-1 took third place. Well done to all the players and coaches for their commitment, effort and good sportsmanship throughout the tournament. 

The  BISP U18/U16/U14 boys Cruzeiro football teams will be going to Spain to play in the Ibercup tournament in Marbella from June 28th to July 1st. While they are away they will be sharing updates about their trip, and posting about the tournament and their results on the BISP Cruzeiro football Instagram page, so be sure to follow them