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BISP hosted a one-Day Phuket Island MUN Conference on November 16th, 2023. This exciting event was a day filled with engaging discussions, diplomacy, and the opportunity for students to showcase their global perspectives and leadership skills. The event which was hosted at BISP included participants from Headstart and UWC Thailand. BISP Year 12 Student, Katie, who leads the afterschool activity and was the primary organiser of the event shares a report of the event. 

Written by BISP Year 12 Student, Katie

“Honourable Chairs, Distinguished Delegates and Esteemed Guests,” These were the words that set into motion the first Phuket MUN Conference, hosted and organised by BISP. For those that aren’t familiar with this invaluable extra-curricular opportunity, Model United Nations – or MUN –is an academic simulation of the United Nations in which students assume the role of delegate of an assigned country and attempt to solve global issues from the perspective of that nation’s policies or viewpoint. In this particular conference, students could choose to debate issues ranging from human rights in relation to counterterrorism to the opioid crisis, and the right to parental leave to reducing exploitation in the cobalt industry. With 23 BISP students involved and another 50 visiting from Headstart and UWC Thailand, this conference was an amazing opportunity for students to train their skills, improve their confidence and find new friends. 

Two BISP students, Destiny (Y13) and Vanshika (Y12), were each awarded ‘Best Delegate’ of their committee, in recognition of their phenomenal ability in problem-solving, delivering speeches, collaborating with and leading other students, asking and answering questions and drafting actions into formal diplomatic language. However, the effect on all students – both within their MUN expertise and in their daily life and schoolwork – is immense. 

Paige (Y12) shared her thoughts on the experience, “Having the opportunity to speak in a comfortable environment such as the Phuket MUN has really helped me with public speaking in general and having confidence in what I’m saying in any situation.” She added that her knowledge of global affairs has greatly expanded as a result. 

However, it must be recognised that this conference was not simply a one-day affair, since the start of the year, students have been training and developing their skills in the after-school MUN activity. This conference was an invaluable training experience to prepare for even larger MUN events in Bangkok, and students are very excited to continue their MUN journey.