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Closing out Term 1 in Primary PE sees the running of the annual House Cross-Country event.  Races range from 400m for the Year 1’s and 2’s to 600m for the Year 3’s and 4’s and 1000m for the Year 5’s and 6’s.  

At the end of each race, students are given different point values depending on what times they run.  This means that regardless of when students finish they are scoring points for their House.  

202 Colour Team Points

  • Yellow 1st Place 719 points
  • Green 2nd Place 627 points
  • Red 3rd Place 596 points
  • Blue 4th Place 568 points

This year’s competition saw some changes to the course with the introduction of some of the road running for the Year 1’s and 2’s along with doing a tour around the new covered pitch.  The new course meant that all the winners set the inaugural course records. You can view the place records in the document below.

The event was filled with a lot of smiling faces and tired runners including those who took part in the thrilling parents race which never fails to entertain. Congratulations to all the runners and thank you to all the supporters who came out to cheer.  Enjoy the photos from the event and have a restful school holiday. VIEW PHOTOS 

Primary Cross Country Results – 2016 Results