pasted image 0 4This week is International School Counseling Week and Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK! At British International School, Phuket, we are taking the opportunity to take part in the advocacy and awareness building related to children’s mental health.

In addition to Children’s Mental Health Week this week it is also International School Counseling Week. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the work the counsellors provide and the importance of mental health for all our community. The theme of ISCWeek this year is celebrating the special school counseling skills or “super powers” that our counsellors try to foster in others – Advocacy, Leadership, Allyship, Connection, Modeling Self-Care and Gratitude. The BISP School Counsellors, Amber Godfrey, Jacqui Brelsford, Casey Nolen Jackson and Phil Tucker,  use these superpowers to support the needs of all community members.

The theme for Children’s Mental Health Week this year is ‘Growing Together,’ where children (and adults) will consider how they have grown, and how they can help others to grow. Our approach to Student Wellbeing prioritises growth as follows:

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As advocates, the Counsellors work to identify and minimise barriers to overall success at school and beyond. For example, over the last few weeks the Counsellors have been advising students on the best IGCSE and IB subjects to take to support their abilities, needs and future aspirations.  

The Counsellors encourage leadership in the school community by collaborating with staff to support students and by serving on various committees or groups that impact the school. 

As allies, they strive to support diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in their community, by providing spaces for students to feel safe, supported and heard. The Counsellors strive for connection, working with staff and students from Little Ducks to Year 13 and Alumni. 

The Counsellors move around the school daily connecting with others as they go. Through curriculum, events, messages and their therapeutic practices the Counsellors model self-care and gratitude, and build the capacity of others to show similar characteristics. Did you know that there is a pile of thank you notes in the staff room that staff can use to show thanks to colleagues whenever they like? 

You’ll be able to spot the Counsellors this week wearing capes as they go  about their business. They will be in every Primary class talking about coping strategies, goals and dreams and feelings. If you need someone to talk to, a safe place to work through a problem or a friendly word of encouragement stop them to book in time for a chat.