students and teachers sitting at a primary school assemblyThe first assembly of the new year for children in Years 2-6 was an opportunity to welcome our new students and staff, who were introduced to everyone and given a hearty British International School, Phuket welcome. Spirits were high; it was great to see so many smiling faces.

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The theme of the assembly was “choices”; looking at the number and types of choices we all make every day and the places where we make them. Children discussed making choices in the playground, in the classroom and elsewhere, and how their emotional state might affect the choices they make. We considered how our choices have an impact on ourselves and others, and what the foundation of the decisions might be. We then focussed on our Primary Values of Respect and Kindness, with the idea that choices based on these values were more likely to have a positive impact.

This theme ties in with our wellbeing lessons for the start of this year, which is taken from Jigsaw; a comprehensive Personal, Social, Health and Emotional (PSHE) program from the UK that we use as our guide. The assembly with a rousing performance of the song “Choices”.

It’s good to be back!