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On Saturday 26th November BISP students Imogen, Rithwik and Charlotte attended the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Thailand 2022 award ceremony which was held in Bangkok. The event was hosted by Cambridge Assessment International Education and was held to recognize students who have been awarded Top in Thailand & High Achievement in the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards.

The three BISP students, along with their families attended the event in order to recognize their following achievements:
Imogen Crossland Top in Thailand for World Literature in the June 2022 Exams
Rithwik Chokkalingam Top in Thailand for Mathematics in the November 2021 Exams
Charlotte Ovide-Etienne High Achievement in Foreign Language French in the November 2021 Exams

‘It was a very proud moment as both a parent and Principal to witness our students receive the highest IGCSE awards from the Cambridge Examination Board at the ceremony in Bangkok. My sincere congratulations to all students who excelled in the recent examination season. Your success is testament to your hard work and dedication.’
– Neil Crossland BISP Secondary School Principal

Congratulations to the students once more and thank you to the staff who also contributed to the students’ education in all subjects and helped them achieve these awards.