BISP Hong Kong International Science Students 2020We have recently received results of four students who took part in the Hong Kong International Science Olympiad (HKISO), a competition held around the world with Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Integrated Science categories. It was a tough multiple-choice test that covered all the Sciences (particularly tough for some of our IB candidates who do not study all 3 Sciences at that level).

One of our Year 10 students, Att, did amazingly well, achieving a Gold for his age group. This represents the top 8% of student participants in the world.

Two of our Year 13 students, Justin and Eddy, received Bronze awards for their age group, representing the top 24%.

Our final student, Zhanna (Year 9), didn’t quite make it into the top awards but, still did brilliantly well, and receives our commendations for participating and taking on new challenges.