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BISP recently had the privilege of hosting a special guest speaker, professional triathlete Dimity-Lee Duke who shared her experience and knowledge with our BTEC students. Dimity is renowned for her expertise in Olympic, half, and full-distance races, hailing originally from Western Australia but spending most of her year training with her squad in Phuket, Thailand.

Throughout her career, Dimity encountered challenges with cramps until she discovered Precision Fuel & Hydration, a solution that revolutionised her approach to hydration. By matching her electrolyte intake to her sweat composition, Dimity overcame these obstacles and significantly improved her performance.

Reflecting on her journey, Dimity emphasised the crucial role of hydration in optimising athletic performance: “As an athlete who struggled with cramps in the past, nailing my hydration strategy has been so important. Being on top of my sodium replenishment definitely makes me a better athlete in both training and racing.”

Dimity generously shared her experiences and insights with our students, enriching their understanding of nutrition for physical performance. This interaction proved invaluable, providing our students with practical insights directly relevant to their studies.

Beyond her athletic achievements, Dimity serves as the Chairperson for the Z-Coaching Foundation, empowering young athletes across Southeast Asia to pursue their triathlon aspirations while fostering holistic personal development. The foundation encourages athletes to cultivate not only their sporting abilities but also their skills and character beyond the realm of sport.

For those seeking further information on fuel and hydration strategies, Dimity can be reached through her social media channels: Dimity’s Instagram  | Dimity’s Facebook

Dimity’s dedication to athletic excellence and holistic development serves as an inspiration to our students and athletes alike.