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From the 5th to the 8th of February, BISP was immersed in the vibrant celebrations of the upcoming Chinese New Year. The schedule was packed with exciting events that showcased the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, thanks to the collective efforts of the BISP PTA, the Chinese parent community, and the BISP Language department.

The Year 9 Dragon-themed art exhibition added a creative and colourful touch to the cultural festivities that lasted throughout the week. The exhibition was a tribute to the Year of the Dragon and showcased the artistic talents of the Year 9 students. 

Calligraphy and fan painting organised by the PTA during break and lunchtime provided students with hands-on experiences. The symbolic visit of the Chinese Money God to each pod after the morning break added an element of surprise and joy, leaving students with golden memories. Additionally, the PTA organised a Chinese dumplings and Souvenirs sale event in the Primary School Foyer after school on Tuesday, much to the delight of the community. 

The pinnacle of the week’s festivities was reached on Wednesday, February 7th. Primary children donned traditional Chinese dress or red clothes, adding a burst of colour and tradition to the school campus. The highly anticipated Lion Dance roared its way into the school with a spectacular show starting in the Early Years, captivating Years 1 to 5 in the Sports Hall, and then with secondary students on the basketball courts at break time.

To top an already exciting day, there was a Chinese New Year Assembly in the Auditorium after lunch. Primary students, assisted by Year 12 helpers, delivered a great presentation filled with captivating performances, stories and songs. The assembly concluded with a special sing-a-long sung by all primary students, leaving a lasting imprint of cultural unity and celebration. 

The secondary students were not left behind in the celebrations, as they too had the chance to participate in various activities during the week. They engaged in a Jianzi (Keepy-uppy) Competition and a Chinese New Year Kahoot quiz, which added an exciting element of friendly competition. Additionally, they were also able to try their hand at the traditional Chinese calligraphy writing activity, which was both educational and enjoyable.

As we express our heartfelt gratitude, we extend sincere thanks to the BISP PTA, the Chinese community, and the Language department for orchestrating a fantastic week filled with events that shared the diverse culture of our community. Their support in helping us learn the traditions around New Year celebrations and their brilliant contributions created a sense of unity and joy within our community. We eagerly anticipate a repeat performance during our upcoming International Day, continuing to celebrate and embrace the richness of our global community.