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BISP’s Nursery and Reception students had a blast during the Early Years Sports Day on January 31, 2024. The theme for the two events was “Rumble in the Jungle,” creating a morning filled with thrilling adventures for the little ones. The excitement began as the students entered the transformed Primary Hall, now a jungle, and began by singing their “Hello Song” and starting their Jungle Warm-up.

The young adventurers then moved outdoors to assist poor Monkey Moo, who had lost his best friend, Lou-Lou Lion. The students were divided into six jungle groups – Javas, Komodos, Borneos, Equadors, Congos, and Amazons.

Each team embarked on a quest to find Lou-Lou Lion, encountering various jungle animals, each presenting a unique physical challenge. After completing the physical challenges and showcasing their Physical Literacy skills using their HEAD, HEART, and HANDS, the animals rewarded them with sticker clues about Lou-Lou Lion’s potential hiding spot.

The six-event stations included:

  • The Lazy Lagoon: Students joined elephants in taking a bath, squirting their mum and dad, and making them laugh.
  • The Jungle Gym: Students swung across croc-infested waters to reach the other side.
  • The Tall Trees: Students ventured into the forest, climbing trees like squirrels, and swinging like monkeys while shouting “WHEEEEE!”
  • The Spider Shack: Students explored the jungle, searching for insects on the ground.
  • The Running River: Students balanced on a log over the Running River, avoiding the slimy snakes slithering below.
  • Chase the Cheetah: Students raced a cheetah in the hot jungle sun in a clearing.

At the end of the adventure,  and to say thank you for all of their help, LouLou Lion treated the children to a yummy Ice-lolly back in their classrooms! The morning proved to be a fun and exciting way for the students to showcase their Physical Literacy skills while having a great time. A big thank you to the BISP PE team for organising this fantastic event, and to parents for cheering on our sporting superstars. The students left feeling proud for helping Monkey Moo find LouLou Lion and we are already looking forward to next year’s Early Years Sports Day.