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Ceramist Jirawong Wongtrangan, from In Clay Studio in Chiang Mai, recently served as the Term 2 Artist in Residence, collaborating with BISP students during his visit to Phuket. Throughout his stay, Jirawong shared his skills and insights, providing a valuable experience that allowed our students to immerse themselves in the world of ceramics and learn from his craftsmanship.

Jirawong, drawing inspiration from the local landscape and utilising natural glazes, creates pieces that reflect the beauty of his surroundings. His dedication to teaching extended to offering various workshops at his studio, InClay.

In these workshops, Jirawong demonstrated pottery techniques and offered insights into the art of ceramics. Each student, guided by Jirawong, had the chance to explore and enhance their skills, covering everything from hand-building to using the wheel.

The recent visit to Jirawong’s workshop in Chiang Mai offered our students a deeper understanding of his artistic process. As our Y12 and Y13 students continue their artistic journey, we anticipate the impact of their experiences with Jirawong Wongtrangan on their own creative endeavours.

We express our gratitude to Jirawong for generously sharing his expertise and passion for ceramics, thereby enriching the artistic tapestry of our school. For those intrigued by Jirawong’s work or eager to delve into ceramics, more information about his studio, In Clay, can be found at