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The basketball teams at the British International School, Phuket (BISP) have recently showcased their exceptional skills, determination, and teamwork in a number of tournaments, achieving well-deserved recognition and success. Coached by Tom Bell and Matthew Jarrett, the U14 and U12 teams secured double gold, while the U16 team achieved an impressive silver medal in their respective competitions.

U14 Triumph at Head Start Basketball Invitation 2024

The U14 team, under Coach Tom’s guidance, demonstrated their skills at the Headstart Basketball Invitation 2024 on Thursday, February 29th. In a thrilling final match against Headstart, the BISP team emerged victorious with a final score of 18-15, clinching the gold medal.

Coach Tom commended the team’s tenacious defence, limiting Headstart to just 15 points. Despite facing challenges such as player fouls and a full-court press, the team held their ground and secured crucial free throws from players like Troy, Lash, and Kimika. A standout moment occurred when Tyler sprinted to block a potential game-tying layup, showcasing exceptional speed and defensive prowess.

The tournament’s MVP was awarded to Nixon, who exhibited outstanding skills across various aspects of the game, including defence, rebounding, attacking the basket, and even sinking a three-pointer. Coach Tom praised the team’s hard-fought and well-earned victory, highlighting their resilience and teamwork.

U12 Dominance at Head Start Basketball Invitation 2024

The U12 team continued BISP’s winning streak on March 5th at the Headstart Basketball Invitation 2024, securing another gold medal in an impressive championship victory. The Year 6 players added depth and athleticism to the Year 7s, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

Coaches Tom and Coach Jarrett acknowledged the pivotal roles played by Ivan, Jenson, and Hayden in defence and rebounding. However, the tournament’s MVP title went to Lash, whose unstoppable offensive performance played a crucial role in the team’s triumph.

U16 Silver Success and Growth

Coach Jarrett shared insights into the U16 team’s journey at the Headstart Invitational, on Friday and Saturday. Despite facing tough competition and only falling short against the eventual champions, Phuket Wittayalai, the team displayed remarkable development and cohesion throughout the tournament.

Coach Jarrett praised the team’s strong defensive play and aggressive approach to securing possession, leading to numerous fast-break opportunities. Jean emerged as a standout player, supported by excellent performances from Jack and Siriset. Additionally, Nixon’s transition from the U14 tournament provided valuable support, especially in shooting.

The U16 team gained invaluable experience, learning the intensity required to excel in tournament play. The silver medal not only reflects their success but also underscores their growth and preparation for future competitions.

The recent triumphs of the BISP basketball teams demonstrate the school’s commitment to fostering athletic excellence, teamwork, and individual skill development. The coaches, players, and their achievements are a source of pride for the entire school community, showcasing the bright future of BISP basketball.