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By Jonathan Clark – BISP Head of Computer Science and Technology Integration

On a recent weekend, Year 7 to 9 students from Bangkok International School, Phuket (BISP) made their national robotics competition debut at the VEX IQ Robotics Tournament hosted by St. Andrews International School. The event, held in Bangkok, brought together young minds from across the region, each showcasing their skills in robotics, engineering and computer science.

Despite most of the participants from BISP being newcomers to the national stage, the BISP teams displayed remarkable talent and teamwork, winning two prestigious awards. The Year 9 team, comprising Aurele, Harry and Alon, impressed judges with their robot’s exceptional performance, scoring highly in various events. Their dedication and ingenuity earned them the coveted “VEX Create Award” for creativity and innovation.

Following suit, the Year 8 team, consisting of Elina, Alice, Vera, Vanda, Jeffrey, Clayton and Kiran, brought home the “VEX Inspire Award” with an equally impressive performance. Their collaborative spirit and perseverance shone throughout.

The Year 7 team, featuring Ashley, Felix, Alan (Zha Yuan), and Damian, faced a unique challenge when their robot arrived damaged due to baggage handling. Demonstrating remarkable resilience, they quickly adapted and put up a commendable performance. Ashley’s unwavering positivity kept the team focused and motivated throughout.

These achievements are a testament to the BISP students’ unwavering dedication, collaborative spirit and problem-solving skills. The tournament provided a valuable platform not only for competition but also for learning and growth. They were exposed to diverse perspectives and experienced the importance of teamwork, determination and perseverance firsthand.

The teachers leading the BISP robotics programme – Jonathan Clark, Andrew Chambers, Johnny Man and Kate Tucker expressed immense pride in their students’ accomplishments. They acknowledged the tournament’s significance in fostering valuable STEAM skills, highly sought-after in today’s workforce. Additionally, the event facilitated collaboration among students from different schools, further enriching the experience. Special recognition and appreciation are extended to Elin Phillips for her unwavering support to the teams throughout their journey.

The VEX IQ Robotics Tournament marked a significant milestone for BISP students, providing them with invaluable learning experiences and creating lasting memories. Their success in this inaugural tournament lays a solid foundation for future endeavours, leaving everyone excited to witness their continued growth and achievements in upcoming competitions.