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At BISP we value and appreciate the home-school partnerships and the positive impact this partnership can have on students’ motivation, engagement, behaviour and academic and social outcomes. Maintaining open communication between parents and teachers creates collaborative working relationships between families and schools. This relationship helps support students in more productive and consistent work and behaviour, which in turn can improve students’ interest, motivation and engagement in learning both at home and at school. 

BISP Early Years teachers invited parents for a ‘Stay and Play’ session for them to gain first hand experience of what their children are doing at school. Parents had the opportunity to play, learn together and explore all the various indoor and outdoor learning environments and experiences at BISP. This is in addition to our regular parent teacher conferences scheduled throughout the year.

“Rather than simply explaining to parents what their children are interested in, the friendships they are creating along with curriculum areas they are developing in, we want parents to experience it and see it for themselves” 

David Hyde, BISP Deputy Primary Principal