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As part of their Wellbeing Day, Year 10 students were treated to ‘A Talk on the Wild Side,’ delivered by ‘Wonders In Nature.’ This volunteer-based initiative is dedicated to raising awareness about Thailand’s snakes and promoting safe, educational and fun ways to appreciate these often misunderstood creatures.

In this captivating workshop, Year 10 students embarked on a journey to get to know the animals that often make headlines for the wrong reasons. ‘Wonders In Nature’ sheds light on the true nature of snakes, their vital role in the ecosystem and the misconceptions that surround them. One of the standout aspects of ‘Wonders In Nature’ is their commitment to preserving the local snake population. All the snakes featured in the workshop were captive-bred, leaving the wild snakes to continue their vital role in the island’s ecosystem for future generations to appreciate.

The workshop featured a fascinating array of snake species, each with unique characteristics, including Reticulated Pythons, Green Pit Vipers (which remained safely in their tank!), Siamese Cat Snakes and Corn Snakes. The workshop delved deep into the ecology of snakes and their indispensable role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Snakes are nature’s pest control agents, helping to keep rodent populations in check. This service benefits both humans and the environment.

However, the most significant revelation of ‘A Talk on the Wild Side’ was the examination of the unjust reputation that snakes often endure. Misconceptions and fear of snakes can have far-reaching consequences, leading to unnecessary harm to these animals and missed opportunities for coexistence. The talk emphasised that education is the key to bridging this gap between humans and snakes and all students in attendance left the workshop with a newfound respect for their slithery counterparts, as well as the confidence and reassurance to be able to coexist with them on our home island of Phuket. 

Many thanks to Michael and his team from Wonders in Nature for their professionalism and enthusiasm in sharing their expertise with our students.