Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Year 4 has had an amazing start to the year. They began by exploring inventions through their class reader “Timeless Thomas,” which sparked their curiosity. This literary journey seamlessly flowed into their topic unit, where they delved into inventions that have shaped our world. 

One highlight was their study of Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone. They created a fascinating digital timeline, tracing the evolution of telephones from their inception to the cutting-edge iPhones of today. 

The Year 4 students also unleashed their creativity by identifying common problems they face and brainstorming inventive solutions. Their journey was meticulously documented using iMovie, resulting in truly incredible outcomes. You can have a glimpse into their learning in this video made by Fifi and Liona about their very own invention which stops ice cream from melting in your hands.

It’s clear that Year 4 is home to some remarkable innovators with the potential to change the world. Congratulations to all the Year 4 students for their hard work and imaginative thinking!