BISP tennis players IG and May end their summer holidays by winning 1st Runner-up at the recent “100 Plus School Cup 2022”. The tournament was held at the Minburi Tennis Center from August  12 to 14, 2022.

The girls received an award from Sathien Monkongtham, president of the competition and Senior Editor of Thai Tennis Magazine following their success. The tournament, which is in its first year, saw 8 women’s teams and 12 men’s teams from various schools compete with each other with a friendly atmosphere throughout the three days. 

With the BISP team only having 2 players, which was the minimum number of players needed to join the tournament, IG and May, who were also the youngest players of the tournament, had to keep up with the other teams who had at least three or four players each. This meant that they had to play both doubles and singles without substitutions throughout the tournament.  During the tournament IG didn’t miss a single game in the two singles category matches in Group B, as well as winning her two doubles. The performance of the girls led the BISP team to the semi-finals of “100PLUS School Cup 2022” and secured their place as  1st Runner-up of the competition.

The competition was created to be a new dimension for the Thai tennis industry in a program created by Thai Tennis Magazine with the support of “100 Plus” drink from Thai Beverage Group Company. To read more about the tournament, visit the Thai Tennis Magazine: