From December 1 – 3 all Key Stage 3 students (Years 7, 8 and 9) were off timetable to take part in BISP’s first-ever STEAM Days event. 

The STEAM framework brings together the five disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths to create an inclusive learning environment that encourages all students to participate and contribute. 

For this year’s STEAM Days, students were placed in vertical groups and tasked with creating a model house in either a low or high-income country that would withstand flooding. 

Together the students had to research their country’s climate, geography and economies, and then design and build a house using materials their country could access and afford. Finally, they had to test their houses using a floodgate created by our Design and Technology technicians. 

Over the three days, the groups were graded after each session on a range of different criteria, including teamwork. To complete the project, each group had to produce an audiovisual presentation that documented their entire assignment and ultimately, the success of their construction to resist flood-related forces. 

STEAM Days 2021 was organised by BISP’s Head of Design and Technology, Mr Johnny Man. 

“STEAM promotes organic problem-solving of real and complex problems,” explained Mr Man. “Over the course of this event, our students gained knowledge about the environment, culture, sustainability, 3D dimensional design and how to apply this in a practical challenge. 

“I was really impressed by the teamwork that our students demonstrated and it was really nice to witness students trying to solve real-life problems and engaging with environmental issues,” he said.  

The winning group will be announced in an upcoming awards assembly after all the extra bonus points have been calculated. Well done to all our Key Stage 3 STEAMERS!

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