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Peter Hos, the High-Performance Swimming Coach at BISP, boasts an impressive swimming career as a former national team member for Hungary and multiple national champion in Hungary and South Africa. As a coach, he has lent his expertise to German Olympic centres and served as a team coach for the German national team in 2019. His coaching highlights include guiding athletes to multiple medals at the Junior European Championships, contributing to an Iranian national record in the 100m Freestyle, and achieving success at the 25 km Open Water European and World Championships in 2022.

We took some time to ask Peter a few questions and get to know him better. 

What is your role as a High-Performance Swimming Coach and how do you anticipate students will connect with you? 

My approach to connecting with athletes centres around a shared commitment to improve, take on challenges and grow with every opportunity. Empathy leads me to feel what the athletes need and respond to that via open and honest communication.

What do you enjoy most about working in education?

Seeing the progress in every athlete physically as well as mentally, seeing them grow with every opportunity and challenge is what I enjoy the most. 

What attracted you to BISP?

Working overseas has always been more challenging for me and as I love a good challenge and working with multinational athletes BISP just seemed a perfect fit for me. 

What’s a professional skill, or area of interest, that you’re keen on developing while at BISP? 

Self-awareness and mental health.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I like to go for a drive, go to the gym and watch the sunset at the beach.

What behaviour or personality trait do you most attribute your success to?


What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Hard times make you tougher. Embrace the challenge.