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At the start of the academic year, BISP welcomed four new coaches to our dynamic Sea Eagles Swimming Academy team. Each brings a unique blend of experience and expertise to the BISP swimming program. 

Peter Hos, joins BISP from Hungary and arrives with a rich history of personal high-level swimming and a wealth of knowledge in working with national-level athletes. Read more about Peter

Jana Glas, from Germany, takes the helm of the bronze squad, having honed her skills at the German Olympic Training Center with the performance Junior team. Read more about Jana

Nifty Catts, a returning staff member and one of our original coaches, rejoins us from Australia, contributing his expertise to LTS, Blue Squad, and our development groups. Read more about Nifty

Finally, Wannida Saegkaew, a new addition to the BISP Learn-to-Swim (LTS) team, brings her competitive swimming experience, having been a member of the Thai national team and serving as an assistant coach with the Thai national swim team. Read more about Wannida

We took the time to conduct some in-depth interviews with these remarkable coaches and discover the passion, dedication, and knowledge they bring to our Sea Eagles Swimming Academy programme.