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BISP’s lunchtime buzz hit another level on December 6th with the House Pull-Up Competition. Students from across age groups (Year 3 and up!) and even staff battled for individual glory and ultimate house bragging rights.

The rules were simple: chin the bar, earn a point for your house. The atmosphere was electric as cheers boomed for each rep, pushing competitors to their limits. Vouchers awaited top performers, but there was a bigger prize in sight: the gleaming trophy for the overall house champion.

After sweat and cheers, Yellow Leopards pulled ahead, dominating both primary and secondary categories with a combined score of 167 points. Green with 153, Blue with 126, and Red with 85  followed in fierce pursuit.

Individual male and female champions emerged in each year group, showcasing both raw power and impressive technique. In Primary School, Year 4’s Andrew (16 pull-ups!) and Year 6’s Taisiya (9 pull-ups) dominated, while the Secondary School saw Year 11’s Pedro (17 pull-ups) and Year 7’s Milana (7 pull-ups) etch their names in BISP pull-up lore. These students proved that strength and determination come in all ages and sizes.

But the competition was more than just reps. It was about community, with classmates cheering each other on and staff joining the fun. A huge thank you to the Shaburov family for initiating and sponsoring this pull-up competition. The support not only initiated the event but brought our community together to celebrate strength and determination while having fun. We deeply appreciate their generosity in making this experience possible.

The BISP Pull-Up Competition proved that strength comes in many forms, and our spirit shines brightest when we come together. Congrats to all the participants, champions, and winning houses!