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By BISP Secondary English Teacher & Head of English Mr. Chris Dilts

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On Friday, December 1st, the BISP was buzzing with the vibrant energy of Year 10 students engaged in an exciting Enrichment Week English Descriptive Writing Scavenger Hunt. The campus transformed into a playground for language exploration as pairs of students enthusiastically navigated through various locations, each brimming with opportunities to sharpen their descriptive writing skills.

In the Aerial Gazebo station, students delved into the world of sensory vocabulary. With dictionaries in hand, they looked up adjectives not yet defined, helping their peers grasp the nuances of language. Three times over, they crafted vivid descriptions of objects around them, employing rich language to bring life to their surroundings.

The Library became a haven for Descriptive Writer’s Effects, where students embarked on a mini-scavenger hunt through the pages of diverse books. Armed with examples of similes, metaphors, personification, and various imagery types, they contributed to a growing chart of literary treasures. The air was thick with the rustle of pages turning as students immersed themselves in the written word.

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Moving through the hallways, the Imagery Illustration station challenged students to interpret sensory descriptions found at each window. Collaboratively, they sketched what they envisioned, adding their unique perspectives to the visual narrative. This immersive exercise enhanced their ability to translate words into images, fostering a deeper connection between language and imagination.

Classroom 203 hosted the intriguing “What’s in the Box?” challenge. With eyes closed, students reached into mysterious boxes, exploring touch sensations and uncovering sensory touch imagery words. The room echoed with exclamations as they described the unknown objects, honing their skills in tactile description.

At the Bake station, the aroma of treats filled the air as students chose a delectable food item. With eyes closed, they savoured the taste and smell, weaving together ten taste and sound words to craft an eloquent description. The station became a sensory delight, combining the pleasures of literature and gastronomy.

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The scavenger hunt culminated in a cryptogram activity, reinforcing the idea that descriptive language fuels our imaginations.

Overall, the Enrichment Week English Descriptive Writing Scavenger Hunt at British International School, Phuket, was a dynamic celebration of language, creativity, and collaboration. The campus came alive with the magic of words, fostering a love for descriptive writing that will undoubtedly endure beyond this enriching experience.