Service is a core component of the learning at BISP, with the primary aims being to give back to the local community, create a culture of engagement and further develop humility and appreciation in our students. The service programme runs throughout the school and takes a variety of forms, tailored to the student journey.

Definition of service-learning at BISP: Learning about ourselves, others, and the world around us through a process of connection, action, and reflection.

Service-learning cycle at BISP

Connect – Act- Reflect

Primary Making a Difference Program

The Making a Difference Programme harnesses the passions and interests of Primary students and nurture these passions through real-world service delivery. This programme demonstrates early in a young person’s journey that they can make a positive difference in the world.

Examples include regular learning exchange with Good Shepherd and SOS Village

KS3 Years 7-9 Service Programme

Students in Years 7-9 engage in a service programme to maintain and develop their commitment to service. The programme begins with an investigation into theory and the needs for service, and progresses into project management and collaboration training, culminating in a student-led service project. This programme is the ideal preparation for the rigorous CAS module at IB.

CAS: Creativity, Action and Service

The CAS: Creativity, Action and Service module is a core component of the IB programme. CAS at BISP is particularly notable for its wide range of projects, allowing students to pursue and further their interests, and to instil passion into their service projects.

Projects have included the BISP Roblox School Virtual Tour, Food for All, Christmas Toy Donation, Happy Green World, Wellbeing in Boarding program.

Extracurricular activities

BISP offers a number of extracurricular activities related to service, enabling students to explore their interests and give back to the community – and the world – on a voluntary basis.

Service-based after-school activities include swim safety with Phuket Sunshine Village, SOS learning exchange, Eco Club, BISP Service Club

Tailored service programme

At BISP, we recognise that a young person’s passion may be towards the aim of service. Therefore, as part of our mission to ignite passion, we ensure that the entire service programme at BISP contains enough flexibility to be tailored to an individual student’s interest. This results in higher levels of involvement from individual students and ultimately greater results.