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On the 21st of February every year, people from all over the world come together to honour the unique mother tongues that make our global community so vibrant and multifaceted by celebrating International Mother Language Day.

Here at BISP, we’re lucky enough to have a thriving community that reflects this diversity in all its glory. Our students, their families and our staff come from all corners of the globe, bringing with them an impressive array of languages and cultures. To celebrate this linguistic richness, we’ve put together a video showcasing 27  of the many mother tongue languages spoken by members of our community.

We are pleased to join the world in celebrating International Mother Language Day, and we’re especially proud to do so at BISP. Our commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates our differences is what makes our community truly special. So mark your calendars for the 10th of March 2023, as we look forward to celebrating International Day together!