Today on our blog we would like to introduce you to Galina and Marius, our Red Hawks Colour Team Captains for the 2021-22 academic year. As Colour Team Captains, Galina and Marius are in charge of igniting the spirit of the Red Hawks and organising student participation in all events. This is a prestigious role and carries a great deal of responsibility and organisation.


Galina“My name is Galina and I am from Russia. I have been at BISP for almost seven years. I have been able to explore different interests of mine and be part of a great community here at BISP. I have discovered that I enjoy being a team player. I have been playing football for five years now and for the past two years, have been a member of the BISP Cruzeiro High-Performance programme. Since the beginning of Year 12, I have been a Deputy Colour Team Captain and that has brought out my interest in being a leader, spreading positive energy and managing events. Furthermore, I am on the Events team and have helped organise multiple events with the team, even outside of school. When it comes to academics I am hardworking and dedicated to getting into my dream university. So far, I feel I am definitely on the right track. 

“The key qualities that I believe will make me a great Colour Team Captain are perseverance, passion and openness. When it comes to communication, I always make sure I find the best way to do things and am always honest. I’m not afraid to share my ideas or stand up in front of an audience. I am most looking forward to getting to know more people and working as a group, pushing myself a little out of my comfort zone and seeing the BISP Colour Team spirit thrive. I want to host enjoyable activities for all members of the school and give everyone a chance to shine.”


“My name is Marius and I am from Lithuania. I am a High-Performance student-athlete in the BISP Swim Academy. In my three years here in BISP, I have represented our school in several competitions both in Thailand and internationally such as the Malaysian, Thai, Hong Kong and Lithuanian Nationals. Academically, I am currently focused on my passion for finance and economics. I believe that my competitive and results-driven mindset will help me in this career.

It is an honour to be the third swimmer in a row to lead the Red Hawks. As a Colour Team Captain, my main goals are to bring the people from different year groups together and build bonds between us to create a strong team atmosphere. I will also encourage participation and positive competition. Finally, and most importantly, I will aim to steer the Red Hawks to victory!”


You can read about more of our 2021-22 Student Leaders in our Secondary news category. For more information on British International School, Phuket please contact [email protected].