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In this interview, we explore the journey Janice, a half-Thai and half-Dutch BISP alumna born and raised in Phuket, has taken from being a student at BISP to starting her own pet food manufacturing business, CHOW Pet Foods. She credits the culture of community, action, and service at BISP, which inspired her to pursue her passion and support the community around her. As we uncover Janice’s story from Year 1 to Year 13 and beyond, we discover her lessons, love, struggles, and growth that have moulded her into the inspiring individual she is today.

When did you join BISP and where did you go after graduating from BISP?

I joined BISP in 1998, starting my educational journey in the Year 1 class, until my graduation in Year 13. After graduating from BISP in 2011, I pursued studies in Hospitality Management in the Netherlands. 

I then gained hands-on experience working at Twinpalms Phuket before joining a start-up luxury classic sail charter company called Burma Boating. For two years I lived in Ranong while crossing the border by longtail every day to work in the town of Kawthaung, Myanmar and assisted in setting up logistics and customer services. 

After some time, I returned to Phuket and worked for a bit but soon realised the company culture was not one I confirmed with or enjoyed. I left my job and with a friend and fellow BISP alum, we started CHOW Pet Foods. 

After a couple of years of trial and error, CHOW is now a certified and licensed pet food manufacturer. I did not grasp how my life would change once leaving a workplace which I was not pleased with to pursue my passion. Work is no longer something I feel I just “have to do” – it is something I love!  37

What was the highlight of your time at BISP?

The highlight of my time at BISP includes being part of the football, basketball, and volleyball teams, especially the BLUE TEAM! Travelling, competing, and making friends during these experiences are close to my heart. 

The support from teachers like Mrs. Walby, Michelle, Mr. Blake, Mr. N, and Ajarn Marisa formed a crucial part of my journey. Despite challenges, they taught me confidence and resilience, especially during the demanding IB curriculum. Some days were difficult, I struggled to get along with some people, and some teachers and I had a lot of good friends come and go as their parents relocated to new countries while I stayed in the same place. But none of those were wasted opportunities to maintain friendships and meet them still now all over the world. 

I cherish the memories from my time at BISP, and the values instilled in me continue to guide my personal and professional life. Every challenge I faced, every friendship I made – they all contributed to who I am today.

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

I aim to grow my business and aspire to become an international pet food manufacturer. My vision is to support and help stray animals worldwide.

What advice would you give to current BISP students?

I have no idea – the world they are growing up in now is so different to the world I was in when I was their age – the only advice I could possibly give them is to remember true wealth lies in happiness.

In Janice’s story, we see the transformative power of education, community, and passion. As she continues to thrive in her endeavours with CHOW Pet Foods, we celebrate the impact that BISP has had on shaping her remarkable journey and are proud to have her as an alumnus and part of the wider BISP community.