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While we take pride in our expansive 44-acre campus, the vibrant diversity of our community, and our unique location on the tropical paradise island of Phuket, encapsulating all of this in a concise 3-minute video requires not only talent and skill but also a deep connection to our school. If you’ve ever watched our BISP School Overview video and marvelled at its quality, you’re certainly not alone. Many visitors to BISP have praised the video for authentically capturing the essence of ‘Life at BISP’. One key reason for this success is that the video was both filmed and produced by a proud alumnus of BISP from the Class of 2009, Kritsada Chok, affectionately known as Golf, representing his company, FatMango

In this alumni interview, we will delve into Golf’s journey from being a student at BISP to becoming a highly successful video content creator. Golf, originally from the beautiful island of Phuket, discusses his passion for video production, fond memories from his time at BISP, and his exciting aspirations for the future.

Tell us about yourself, your journey to BISP and what you did after graduating.

I joined BISP during my high school years, from Year 11 to Year 13 and graduated in 2009. During my time at BISP, I was actively engaged in various activities, including swimming and drama. 

After graduating from BISP I pursued a four-year course in hospitality management in Melbourne, Australia, all while keeping in touch with my best friend Nico (also a BISP alumnus) who was in Switzerland at the time. During holidays, we would often return to Phuket and gather a collection of memorable photographs that eventually evolved into summer holiday videos. Upon graduating from university, I contemplated a career in the hotel industry but I decided to venture into video production, sensing an opportunity in the market.

When did you return to Phuket?

In 2013, Nico and I returned to Phuket and took a gap year to start our first YouTube channel. Our initial content focused on food vlogging and mini-documentaries showcasing the authentic life in Phuket, away from the bustling Bangla Road. Our debut video revolved around Phuket pineapples and Rawai fishing communities, but we later transitioned into creating destination videos about the island. We also contributed to Phuket News Radio, which allowed us to stay locally relevant and have the opportunity to cover live events.

Our journey really took off when we secured our first hotel project, marking the beginning of our careers in video production. To represent our Thai roots while maintaining a catchy appeal, we aptly named our venture “FatMango.” Over time, our business has expanded, and Nico opened a FatMango branch in Bangkok while I continued to manage operations in the Southern Region, and here I am. 

Could you tell us about the highlight of your time at BISP?

The highlight of my time at BISP undoubtedly revolves around the friendships I forged during my high school years. I cherish the memories of being on campus with my peers, the laughter, and the sense of togetherness. It’s these bonds that I miss the most.

What Do You Hope to Accomplish in the Future?

Looking ahead, my aspirations are focused on elevating the quality of my video content and expanding my network within the videography community. I envision FatMango’s growth and involvement in even more challenging and passion-driven projects. In addition to my video production career, I’m also involved in my family’s fresh coconut juice business and plan to expand its presence in Phuket.

What advice would you give to current BISP students?

If I could go back and advise my younger self or the current BISP students, I’d say this: 

“Be close to and appreciate the friendships you have and make the most of your time at school.” 

Those friendships and experiences are truly priceless and will shape your journey in unexpected ways.

Kritsada Chok’s journey from BISP to a thriving video production career is an inspiring testament to following one’s passions and making the most of the opportunities that life presents. We wish him continued success in his endeavours and look forward to creating more captivating BISP content with the expertise of FatMango.

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