Recently we caught up with Napassanan Supsoonthornkul (Ping Ping) from the Class of 2020, who is studying a Bachelor of Science in Management at the London School of Economics (LSE).

image3How you have found university life and this course (either on-campus or as an online learner)?

So far, my online university life has been a bit weird – because it has all been through screens and Zoom calls! However, it is also nice in a way as I started a new life from the comfort of my own home in Thailand. This course so far has been challenging. The levels of discussion and intellect of those around me are very sophisticated, but in a way, it was to be expected. It’s been incredibly interesting and mind-opening.

How do you feel the IB helped you prepare?

IB has helped in many ways, from connecting with others to being responsible for your own time management and discipline. But personally for me, as much as I found Maths HL difficult, there have been many many moments where I have been grateful for it as the courses here are very maths-orientated. 

Do you have any recommendations for current students?

Since LSE has been my dream university for a long time, my recommendation to other students is that once they find out their aspired course or university, they should do lots of research of the requirements, course structures etc to prepare beforehand.

What are your plans for the future?

Hopefully, I make it to the London campus soon! I hope that along with studying, I’ll be able to gain new experiences of London life and hopefully some internship opportunities. 

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