In this Life at BISP Christmas Special video, students at the school can be seen participating in various Christmas-themed events and activities that took place throughout the month of December. 

In the spirit of giving, the students took part in the Golden SMILE and Cross Country races to raise money for charity, while our Performing Arts departments brought the magic of the season to the stage. The school’s Primary hall was decorated with trees, twinkling lights and festive holiday decorations, for the awe inspiring Santa’s Grotto. In the foyer, areas students performed various musical numbers during break and lunch times as part of the 12 Days of Christmas celebrations. 

The events culminated in the much anticipated Christmas Fair where students, parents and teachers purchased gifts, handmade goods and treats from local vendors while enjoying activities and performances with students singing classic Christmas carols and performing holiday-themed dances and showcases. 

Throughout the video, it is clear to see that the school was filled with the sounds of holiday music and laughter as everyone came together to celebrate the festive season.

BISP wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!