As Summer@BISP’s Camp comes to a close we look back on four weeks of fun and learning here at BISP. Students had the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities such as swimming, dodgeball, tennis, basketball, badminton, hockey and frisbee on campus. 

They were also able to get off campus and enjoy ziplining, ATV’s, Muay Thai, surfing, rock climbing and snorkelling. 

In the less physically active parts of the programme they were able to see elephants, sharks and other animals, visit a traditional farm, test their creativity with Thai cooking and various arts and craft classes as well as other outdoor activities. 

Students in our English programme track took formal lessons in the mornings, and during afternoon activities the students were encouraged to use their newly acquired language skills during the planned activities with the bigger group. 

Our BISP summer students definitely enjoyed making the most of their summer and we look forward to next year’s fun filled camp.