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The 2022/23 school year at BISP had been nothing short of fantastic for our Early Years programme. As the term drew to a close, the teachers and staff reflected positively on the incredible journey they had embarked on and the incredible individual and collective achievements they have made.

“ From the first day of school, a sense of excitement and curiosity filled the air. The students, eager to explore and learn, brought boundless energy and enthusiasm to the classroom each day. It has been wonderful to see our teachers marvel at their students’ growth and development, witnessing their expanding curiosity, knowledge and skills.” 

– BISP Early Year Deputy Principal David Hyde

Our classroom environment has been carefully crafted to foster creativity and encourage exploration while showcasing the students’ artwork and achievements. Learning centres were set up with engaging materials, allowing the children to immerse themselves in hands-on activities that sparked their imagination.

Throughout the year, the teachers embraced a holistic approach to education, focusing on nurturing the student’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. They had created a warm and supportive atmosphere where every child felt valued and included.

The year had been filled with memorable moments. From the excitement of experts visiting the school to the joy of discovering new concepts, the children eagerly absorbed every experience. Their laughter and smiles were a testament to the positive impact our Early Years programme has had on their lives.

As the final days of the school year approached, the teachers couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. They had witnessed their students’ growth, not only academically but also as individuals. The Early Years programme has laid a strong foundation for their future education, inspiring learning, nurturing wellbeing and igniting passions for years to come.

Looking back, it was the collective effort of the dedicated teachers, the support of the parents, and the boundless curiosity of the students that made this school year truly fantastic. Looking ahead, our Early Years programme is poised to continue its mission of nurturing young minds, preparing them for a lifetime of success and happiness.

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