A sensory path designed to help students develop their motor skills and self regulate is one of the latest features to be introduced to our Year 1 and 2 pod. 

Known as the Adventure Trail, the sensory path is fun and interactive and gives students the opportunity to take a short break from the classroom when required. It aims to re-engage the students, as well as facilitate the development of key motor skills which, over time, can improve the children’s handwriting, reading, play and physical performance.

BISP Primary Additional Educational Needs Coordinator Clare Bolzon said, “When a child becomes tired, disengaged or is struggling to focus in the classroom, they can take a short break and complete a circuit on the path which incorporates spinning, jumping, finger tracing and hopping activities. These provide intensive simulations to muscles which can lead to increased calmness and in turn help them refocus and return to the class ready to try again.”

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