To close out a brilliant year of podcasting and the end of the last term, BISP podcast hosts Phoebe and Nikita, decided to host a ‘Hot Ones Challenge’ in which they brought back some previous podcast guests and also some new faces. The challenge consists of doing an interview with guests whilst eating progressively spicier chicken nuggets, this is based on the ‘Hot Ones’ interview show on Youtube hosted by Sean Evans.

“No better way to end the year of podcasting than a light hearted interview with hot sauce” ~ Nikita

Being located in Thailand, known for its spicy food, the students should be able to handle the spice of not only the interview questions but also the chilli sauces. As the chicken gets hotter, the guest typically begins to display the effects of the chilli, and the interview becomes less focused on the guest and more so the struggle to complete all 10 sauces. All students managed to run the Hot Ones gauntlet successfully and the 2 hosts even did it multiple times as there were many guests for them to interview and chat about their time at BISP.

“BISP’s Recreation of Hot Ones was a memorable experience with friends” ~ Phoebe

With the success of the first BISP Podcast Hot Ones Challenge, we look forward to getting more students involved by hosting more challenges in the future!