On Friday 27 November, five of our Primary Wellbeing Leaders helped deliver BISP’s first batch of food donations to the residents of Ban Sapam – a local fishing village in Koh Kaew just 5 km from British International School, Phuket. 

The students delivered enough food to supply a week’s worth of meals for 100 families of four. All the food was donated by the BISP community and each package was prepared by our boarding students. Along with a 5kg bag of rice, food packages included cooking sauces, noodles, canned food, cereals, soup, pastes and packet snacks for each family.

The visit was organised with the help of the local Orbortor and the CEO of the State Audit Office, Mr Khuakiet Chitkhua.

The residents of Ban Sapam rely mainly on the sale of their seafood catches to local restaurants and hotels to earn a living and have been acutely affected by the drop in international tourist numbers to Phuket over the past nine months.

BISP would like to extend our appreciation to our parents, students and staff for their donations and their continued support of our Food for All campaign. 

Significant contributions to date include the generous donation of 200 5kg bags of rice by a Chinese family in the Primary School.

On Monday 7 December, our boarding students will prepare additional packages ready for a Thursday delivery to more families in Koh Kaew. Our goal is to provide food for a week for a minimum of 200 families. Please pass all food donations to your child’s classroom or tutor teacher. Monetary donations can also be made at the Primary or Secondary Offices. 

Thank you all for your generosity.

For more information on British International School, Phuket, please contact [email protected]