Almost 200 students from four of the island’s international schools competed at the PISAC Cross Country event last week – the first of several PISAC events scheduled for this year.

Joining our 70 BISP runners were students from Headstart, UWCT and BCIS. Students from U9 to O15 competed over two days, running one or more 1-mile loops around our campus across pavement, grass and rolling terrain.

BISP Extended Curriculum Coordinator, David Berman, said: “We are very lucky at BISP to have the facilities to be able to host an event like this without leaving the school grounds. The event was a great success this year and we were excited to see so many students take part, giving it their best right until the finish line and supporting each other.

“Cross Country is an individual and team event. It gives runners the chance to compete against not only their opponents but also the clock and to earn points for their teams,” Mr Berman said.

BISP won the overall team competition, with UWCT finishing second, HISP in third and BCIS in fourth.

British International School, Phuket hosts the PISAC (Phuket International Schools Athletics Conference) Cross Country each year. The next PISAC sports event will be in Term 2.

Below is the full list of results. Congratulations to all our students and visitors who challenged themselves in this fun competition. You did yourselves and your schools proud!

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