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Leaving behind the sun-kissed beaches of Phuket, and trading their flip-flops for snow boots, 26 eager BISP students embarked on a journey to the snowy wonderland of Sahoro, Hokkaido, Japan during the February half-term break.  

Sahoro provided the perfect backdrop for our students to hone their skiing and snowboarding skills. Under the guidance of professional Club Med instructors, they embarked on a journey of rapid daily progress. The instructors’ expertise and patience empowered our students to conquer the slopes with confidence, turning novices into adept skiers and snowboarders in just a week. From mastering the basics of balance and technique to tackling more challenging runs, each day brought new triumphs and moments of exhilaration. 

For many of the students, the journey from Phuket to Hokkaido also marked a dramatic shift in climate. Swapping tropical heat for crisp mountain air and powdery snow, they embraced the novelty of bundling up in layers and braving the chill. Despite the initial shock, the contrast served as a refreshing change of pace, adding an extra layer of excitement to the adventure.

Whether carving through pristine powder or navigating winding trails, the students embraced the thrill of the mountains with enthusiasm. It was also evident that conquering new challenges together on the slopes had also led to new connections and friendships. Beyond the slopes, Sahoro offered a wealth of evening entertainment to enrich the students’ experience. After days on the snow, they indulged in a diverse array of cultural and recreational activities. 

Year after year, BISP’s Ski and Snowboard Trip continues to provide students with a transformative experience. From the exhilarating progress on the slopes to the forging of lasting friendships, this adventure not only hones their skiing and snowboarding skills but also creates memories that will last a lifetime.

2025 BISP Japan Ski / Snowboard Trip

Next year’s BISP Japan Ski / Snowboard Trip is open to all students from Year 5 (current year 4’s) through to Year 13 and will take place primarily over the February half-term break from 12th – 20th February 2025. Click here for the brief presentation outlining the trip. 

If you would like your child to participate in the BISP Japan Ski Trip 2025, please refer to the email sent out by Mr Clark,  complete this linked Google form for each child and pay the required deposit to the Accounts Office by Monday, 11th of March.