Sport Academies

Swimming, Football, Tennis, Golf, Triathlon

The vision for the five BISP Sports Academies, in Swimming, Football, Tennis, Golf and Triathlon, is to develop and produce world-class athletes who can compete at the highest level. The end goal of the Academies is to build a wide base of skilled young people in the selected sports.

Ultimately, BISP will produce a calibre of student who has the potential to move on to a career in professional sport or obtain a University/College scholarship as well as being a rounded and well-educated young adult.

• Each Academy has coaches with outstanding experience in working with high performance team (HPT) level sportsmen and sportswomen.

• The Academies will work in partnership with high performing clubs both locally and internationally in order to create pathways into professional sport or University/College scholarships.

• The Sports Academies’ programmes are based on a pyramid structure: at its base each focuses on the fundamental skills needed to access each of the sports. These skills are built upon through both the PE curriculum and extra-curricular programmes as athletes move from participation to elite performance.

• At the elite level, students will work together daily with their Academy Coach to develop the individual’s maximum potential. It is here where students will have opportunities to compete against other high level institutes and professional sporting clubs.

• Students in the HPT (elite) section of the structure will focus on the latest training methods, nutrition and recovery as well as receiving world-class coaching. The development of the mental aspects of each of the sports, as well as the social-emotional skills needed to succeed, will also be covered.

• Each Academy will have its own unique dimensions and specialist demands that will enable students to maximise performance.

Physical Education Curriculum

Our vision for curricular Physical Education (PE) at BISP centres on providing world-class experiences for our young people. Providing a programme that is broad and balanced allows our students to develop their skills in a wide range of activities and then offers them the framework to specialise as they progress through the school.

Working with outstanding teachers, Loughbrough University graduate interns and exceptional coaches, we have developed a unique curriculum which embeds our Academy structure into the students’ everyday experiences.

Our principle aim is to equip all students with the necessary skills to become lifelong enthusiasts of physical activity and sport. The inclusive model caters for all and allows flexibility in learning and decision-making. Those who want to pursue their passion for sport at the highest level are invited to trial for our aspirational curriculum and become part of the BISP Sports Academies.

The delivery of PE begins in Reception (when students are aged 4 or 5 years old) with a focus on physical literacy that aims to enable our youngest learners to acquire the necessary key motor skills for future success. As students move through Key Stage 1 and 2 (year levels 1 to 6) we believe in high quality delivery by specialist PE teachers which is essential in the development of sport specific skills across different areas of activity. Regular whole school events within curriculum time begin to provide students with an enjoyable but increasingly competitive environment in which to perform.

From Key Stage 3 provision – year level 7 when students are aged 11 or 12 years old – becomes more specialised with a new emphasis on refinement and decision making with our gifted and elite learners being able to tailor this to their specific area of sporting success. A wide range of choice regarding activity is offered for students at Key Stage 4 and increasing numbers opt for an additional GCSE pathway, with accreditation opportunities post 16 from 2016.

Head of PE Ali Gates

Extra-curricular Activities

The vision of our extra-curricular sports programme at BISP is to create world-class opportunities through sport and academics. Our extra-curricular activities aim to enhance this world-class vision by placing youth development at the heart of our strategy.

Our energy filled, inclusive Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programme offers a wide variety of activities designed to cater to our students’ different and diverse needs. Activities are grouped as either Creative, Academic, Physical or Community Service. It is our intention as a Faculty to provide a diverse programme that students can enjoy and will want to participate in.

An exciting addition to our ECA programme at BISP, is the high performance Academy structure which has been tailored for the most exceptional student athletes. These high performance Academies enable our skilled young people the opportunity to pursue excellence in both education and their athletic careers. High performing athletes are model examples of passion, determination, commitment and discipline. A student who possesses these traits is a definite asset to our school. Consequently, we have structured our high performance Sports Academies to accommodate the unique needs of these student athletes.

There are two key pathways for students at BISP: There will be plenty of opportunity for our student athletes to experience high quality competition and to broaden their knowledge of different cultures by travelling around the world to compete. We strive to inspire young athletes to achieve their full potential through positive sporting opportunities and enjoyment of sport. They will be a part of the BISP family community. We celebrate achievements of all our student athletes through our year-end Sports Awards evening.

BISP is always looking for opportunities to offer young people a chance to shine in a wide range of activities through world-class coaching while at the same time, receiving a world-class education.


Head of P.E. Ali Gates:

Athletics Director Jeff LaMantia: