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22 11 23 PSG Mock Exam Advice 07The culture of peer support at BISP is exemplified by the many initiatives taken by our students. A standout example is the Peer Support Group. Each week the Year 12 members of the Peer Support Group meet to discuss ways they can be of support to their fellow students. From brainstorming ways to make new students feel welcome and included, to discussing Wellbeing initiatives that students can get behind, this group of committed leaders consistently demonstrates our core values of Respect, Compassion and Integrity. 

As a way to pay forward the lessons that they have recently learned, their current project was to provide words of encouragement and advice to Year 11 students as they embark on the Mock Examination season. The Peer Support Group members created a survey that they put out to all Year 12s to gather their thoughts on what might be most helpful for Year 11 students to hear. When presenting these findings to Year 11, the team emphasised the importance of working smart, offering strategies to maximise study time and highlighting the importance of scheduled breaks. They also shared the online resources that proved pivotal in their own successful IGCSE journeys.

Going above and beyond has also been seen in the work of Year 11 students, Kirill and Dana who have provided exceptional service as part of their International Award in the form of Maths tutoring for younger Key Stage 3 students. Collaborating with their Mathematics teachers and through weekly tutoring sessions, Kirill and Dana have provided inspiring one-to-one support sharing their knowledge and imparting invaluable tips and tricks for academic success.

Kirill, a Year 11 student, reflects on this leadership role, stating,

“Taking leadership has always appealed to me; standing in front of the board, scribbling and explaining concepts, deciding what needs to be worked on and what doesn’t. Maths tutoring has allowed me to take more responsibility; I know I will own the classroom for the next hour, and this leads me to develop confidence in my abilities.”

Dana, also in Year 11 explained her motivation for tutoring,

“Overall, I just really enjoy seeing Kristy understand certain things that she did not before. It’s a satisfying feeling to see her comprehend content she initially lacked confidence in. An added bonus is that Kristy is really sweet and cute, and I quite enjoy spending time with her.” Dana further highlighted the benefits of tutoring, noting, “Tutoring really helps with adaptability; everyone learns differently, and it is quite interesting to explore how the way Kristy learns differs from the way I learn. The main skill I learned is understanding other people better. Everyone’s brains work differently, and it is really important to understand that and be able to communicate with people.”

The fantastic positive outcomes of these efforts reflect the hard work, planning, and dedication invested by all involved. The younger students have not only flourished as a result of the extra guidance but have also relished the opportunity to connect with their older counterparts. 

These student-led initiatives not only contribute to overall academic success but have also helped to strengthen the sense of community, empathy, and collaboration within our school. The BISP Peer Support Group continues to grow and welcomes all Secondary students with a desire to help others to join! Interested students may contact Amber Godfrey at [email protected] to discuss ways they can get involved in paying forward and offering their support.